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Travel info

We will arrange a pick up from Toulouse or Carcassonne airport at  a set time free of charge. 

Toulouse Airport We envisage two Toulouse pick-ups - around 12.00 midday and around 18.00 and we envisage the return the following week to be timed to arrive at Toulouse airport for flights leaving after 10.30am and a second trip for flights leaving 16.30 onwards.

Carcassonne Airport If you choose Carcassonne and we have guests on different flights, our pick up will be after the last guest arrives and we will return you to the airport in time for the earliest guests to catch their flight.

Other Flight times For guests staying in Toulouse beforehand or with flights at other times, there is a comfortable bus ( line 56 or Line 57) that runs during the day from Toulouse to Revel, where we will collect/return you. Alternatively, with notice, we can help you arrange a taxi from Toulouse or Carcassonne at a preferential rate (around 120 euros instead of 170 euros).

We will time our pick-ups and returns to ensure the least waiting time possible for guests but we ask for a little flexibility as we are at least an hour from each airport, making a pick-up two and a half hours. We can advise on “Left Luggage facilities” at Toulouse and Carcassonne to enable those with time to spare to explore.

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