Painting Kit


Brushes - you will need the following size brushes on this holiday

Size 12

Size 8

Size 4

Size 2 or rigger, or small sword liner

Brushes are very personal and artists often have their own preferences, some pay a king's ransom for Windsor and Newton Series 7 sable and though expensive they will last a lifetime. Other artists buy lesser sable, or sable and synthetic mix, these are cheaper, and will eventually need replacing. For a beginner I would recommend Ken Bromley art supplies sable brushes. You may source these yourself from the link provided, or we will source for you if you ask.


No larger than 36 x 29xcm A3 (lots of watercolour sketches will be smaller)

100% acid free rough paper at least 300gsm (140lb)

My preferred brands are Bockingford, Saunders Waterford and Arches)



I use Windsor & Newton artists quality, but use the paints you are comfortable with.  A suggested pallette is show below, dont worry too much about being exact, keep to your normal pallette if you would prefer.




Bring a palette that has deep mixing wells to hold a lot of water

Sketchbook & pencils (preferably 4B)

Small or large, it's up to you.  Just something to make a quick sketch and a few notes.

Sketching Kit - Pencil and Pen and wash

Pencils (soft pencils, I use 4B)

Paper - mixed media or strong sketching paper to take water, I use   an A4 and A5 sketch pad

Black Pens - watersoluble pens (examples, Stabillo fineliner, Pilot fineline, Steadtler triplus fineliner)

Waterbrush - (examples, Pentel Aquabrush or Derwent waterbrush)

Kit is available at Ken Bromley website


Look at my Youtube videos to see technique

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